Friday, 19 November 2010

I love this campagin :D

“Be Smart” – that is what our parents and teachers told us since we were young. While Diesel, an international jeans brand, takes "Be Stupid" as its philosophy. Are you feeling inexplicable? Maybe the following slogans will help you take away your doubts"
Diesel Stupid Philosophy


Visual merchandising (louis Vuitton) london

Here is the window display for louis vuitton (september 2010)
Animals meet Louis 

Carnaby street project

Trend Book

P&O rebranding project

As a group we had to rebrand P&O cruises. My group decided to add a selridges boutique on board the arcadia ship.

First ad Campaign

Second ad campaign

Invitation to the event

Hollister Brand Report

This is my brand report on the comapny Hollister. I then had to look into how to could develop and promote a new childrens range for the company and how sucessful it would be here are my boards.

Boys range

Girls Range

Trend Board

Target Customer

Merchandising board

Promotion board

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Magazine Project year 2

Model - Stacey Freeman

The brief was to come up with a new magazine where there is a gap in the market. So i looked British teen fashion magazines where there is lack off.

Research Boards
Magazine Concept board

Photoshoot ideas board

Readrship Board

Style Board

Sketchbook Work